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Although we were dealing with a comparatively small amount of funding, we succeeded in placing SaaS startup Horizon in the relevant industry media both nationally and internationally. In the end, there were a total of ten publications that helped to position the Mainz-based startup as the leading future solution for market research. Our press work for Horizon also contributes to a stronger perception of the brand among potential customers, partners and employees.

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In the first month of our collaboration with Storyblok, we achieved four publications in startup and e-commerce media by combining the founder story with the communication of headless benefits. Throughout 2021, we achieved a total of 24 publications in all relevant target groups, including Tier-1 media outlets such as t3n and HORIZONT. We have consistently maintained a high media presence since then. In 2022, our newsjacking approach, various partnership announcements, and informative industry articles resulted in an average of five publications per month.

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